We are a certified public accounting firm (CPA) dedicated to helping small businesses succeed. Some small businesses that we currently serve have annual revenues of around twenty-five thousand dollars per year while others have revenues of several million dollars per year.
Our first consultation to all businesses free. It does not cost you a dime to come in and discuss your business needs with us. Working with you, together we can build a plan of how to serve you best with the success of your business as our top priority.
One of the first concerns we often help businesses with is determining the type of organizational structure that is best for their business. Some elect to remain sole proprietorship's, some partnerships, while others are best suited for being small corporations.
Our business clients are General Contractors, Plumbers, Doctors, Electricians, Restaurants, Retailers, Painters, Landscapers, Salons, Auto Dealerships, Insurance Agents, Consultants, and others.

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